Mama Shelter

Free Movies

Mama Shelter is the first to offer free in room movies on demand.


Mama has 6 comfortable and original meeting rooms able to welcome up to 109 persons, Les Ateliers. There is everything you need to get the best ideas, a meeting space, a Veleda wall, WIFI access, 65'' and 27'' LCD screens, and all you need to enjoy a break.


Our entertainment system allows you to watch TV and free movies on demand, listen to the radio, connect to the Internet (Airplay, Skype ...), and as Mama thinks about everything, it also allows you to access directly from your room at the Mama Shelter informative guide.


For you to be relaxed while you sleep, MAMA has an indoor parking space.


Mama can provide you with information concerning the means of transport. Do not hesitate to ask us, we are always happy to help you !


Every morning at breakfast, in MAMA’s common areas, you will find a selection of magazines and journals from around the world


They are your scouts. With their good recommendations and reservations, they’ll give you the keys to the city...

Digital Concierge

... And if you wish to discover every transport details, places to go out or Mama's tips by yourself, the Digital Concierge has been invented for you! Touch the screen and start browsing.

Business Corner

Facsimile, email, photo copying and additional services are available.


Mama Shelter also provides dry-cleaning services.