Mama Shelter



Mama is on the edge of new technology, and that’s another reason to love her! Indeed, our iMacs are provided with the Airplay function.

We can see you frowning thinking “but what is that?”.

That’s simple: Airplay allows you to make a wireless broadcast of your iOS devices’ content on your iMac and show everything on a big screen: your games, your last photos or videos, your playlists, your iTunes movies, etc…


Your iMac is also a way to relax while watching TV or listening to the radio.

You just have to select your channel or frequency and let yourself go: Whether if you want to listen to music, keep yourself up to date with the news, or watch the last episode of your favorite series…


Mama offers you a unique experience and allows you to keep a memory of your stay by taking pictures or videos of yourself directly in your room.

You can easily access to the Photo & Videobooth section, and let your imagination make the rest. You can even send them to your friends to remind them that you are in holidays, and they’re not!

And be sure that confidentiality is important to Mama, so you can allow us to use them or you can keep them only to yourself. What happens at Mama stays at Mama!


Reach directly our Mama Shelter information guide, and all the information concerning the parking, the phone, the laundry, the alarm clock or your bill.


We agree with you, the clearer is the better!


With all these functions we could almost forget this is also a computer!

You just have to contact the reception and ask them to lend you a keyboard (bail of 100euros), and start surfing.

The free Wifi will enable you to quickly access the browsers, social networks, your emails, but also Skype, iTunes, interactive city maps, worldwide news, weather forecast…


Mama’s secret is also to search funny, zany, practical, beautiful or new objects.

From the Mickael Jackson doll to the camouflage sleeping mask. From the Sexy Mama pack (guess what’s in it…) to our Mama Skin products. This is a real Ali Baba’s cave. And now you can order from your room and take your goods at the reception.

Mama is really thinking about everything!