Mama Shelter



Our entertainment system allows you to watch TV and free movies on demand, listen to the radio, connect to the Internet (Airplay, Skype ...), and as Mama thinks about everything, it also allows you to access directly from your room at the Mama Shelter informative guide.



Our shop is an Aladdin's cave featuring rare products that we've found especially for you, unusual objectifs to make you smile and all the essentials you need for your stay. We've thought of eveything, and especially of you.


Mama's got you and your hot wheels covered with her parking. She's even got charging stations if you went electric!

Paid parking (17€ per day) and reserved for Mama customers, subject to availability. 


Every morning at breakfast, in Mama’s common areas, you will find a selection of magazines and journals from around the world.


Mama can provide you with information concerning the means of transport. Do not hesitate to ask us, we are always happy to help you!