Mama loves things simple, honest and a little bit hip so we love this little room (161-183 sq ft). But best of all is all the stuff it cleverly fits in (27" iMac with TV, radio, Airplay, Skype, web and free wifi, minibar) and an office where you can think, work, or just play computer games. Whatever you choose, Mama's gonna take good care of you.


Mama says let yourself go so the Medium Mama is for people who like a little space to think, dream or be naughty. 182-226 sq ft of chic comfort will free you up to get in the mood while all the features (like a 27" iMac with TV, Airplay, Skype, radio, web and free wifi, minibar) will make sure you're kept entertained. Oh there's also an office if you decide to be boring.


Mama says you're special and you deserve this! 226-269 sq ft of floor space so you can glide around your room happy with the choices you've made in life. Of course, there's all the features you'd expect like a 27" iMac with TV, radio, Airplay, Skype, web, free wifi, minibar and an office. Mama says the sky's the limit.




Wow this is the one and only XL Mama Terrace! 376 sq ft to do pretty much whatever you want in (Mama doesn't ask questions). It goes without saying there's all the features you want like a 27" iMac with TV added by a 54" Samsung LED TV & Mac Mini, Airplay, Skype, radio, web and free wifi, minibar, free coffee and tea... And there's an office space so you can act like the international big shot you are.



Mama loves families and has a heart big enough to accommodate you all together. The XXL Mama Family is made for you! Yes you, who wish to keep an eye on your children but also have a little privacy... two bedrooms measuring 182-226 sq ft connected by a common entrance, two double beds, two 27’’ Imacs with TV, radio, Airplay, Skype, Internet and free WIFI access, two desks... Mama can see the big picture!