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Mama loves things simple, honest and a little bit hip so we love this little room (161 sq ft). But best of all is all the stuff it cleverly fits in 43" TV,  radio, free movies, free wifi, safe, mini fridge and an office where you can think, work, or just play computer games. Whatever you choose, Mama's gonna take good care of you.

From 69 euros

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Mama says « relax », and for those who like a space to think, dream or be a little cheeky, the Medium Mama is perfect. 193-226sq ft of comfort, we've prepared everything for you to have the best experience with TV 43", radio, free movies and free wifi, safe, mini fridge, desk… All you need is to pack your lugggage!

From 79 euros

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Mama says you're special and you deserve this! 248-269 sq ft of floor space so you can glide around your room happy with the choices you've made in life. Of course, there's all the features you'd expect like 43" TV, radio, free movies, internet, safe, mini fridge, desk, air conditioning... Mama says the sky's the limit.

From 99 euros

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Wow this is the XXL Mama! From 345 sq ft to do pretty much whatever you want in (Mama doesn't ask questions). It goes without saying there's all the features you want like 43" TV, radio, free movies, free wifi, safe, mini fridge, desk, air conditioning…. Mama knows how to take care of you!

From 119 euros

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