Mama Shelter



Our entertainment system allows you to watch TV and free movies on demand, listen to the radio, connect to the Internet. It also allows you to access directly from your room at the Mama Shelter informative guide.


They are your scouts. With their good recommendations and reservations, they’ll give you the keys to the city...


Our parking is in the underground garage in Uzun Mirkova st. in the Rajiceva Shopping Center, where the Mama Shelter is located. The cost is 25 euros per night. (maximum car height: 2,2m).


Mama can provide you with information concerning the means of transport. We can also propose airport pick-up and drop-off, and various limo services upon request. Do not hesitate to ask us!


You will find a selection of magazines and journals from around the world in Mama’s common areas.


Mama proposes a laundry and dry-cleaning service. You will find the laundry information directly in your room.


Need to blow off some steam? Mama is waiting for you in her 45m2 gym opened for her guests 24h. 

WiFi on the go

The WiFi on the go is a box that allows you to have access to the Mama's Internet network even outside!

- Each day: 5€