Mama Shelter



Our entertainment system allows you to watch TV and free movies on demand, listen to the radio, connect to the Internet (Airplay, Skype ...), and as Mama thinks about everything, it also allows you to access directly from your room at the Mama Shelter informative guide.



Mama Shop je prava Ali Babina pećina u kojoj se nalaze najrazličitiji retki proizvodi koje smo izabrali specijalno za vas, originalni predmeti koji će vas nasmejati kao i sve ono što vam je neophodno za putovanje. Mama je mislila na sve, posebno za vas!


They are your London scouts. With their good recommendations and reservations, they’ll give you the keys to the city...


Mama now has a Gym with two treadmills, 1 peloton bike, 1 cross trainer, ropes, weights from 4kg to 20kg and dumb bells. The gym has it’s own shower and a complimentary supply of spring water.


Mama can provide you with information concerning the means of transport. Do not hesitate to ask us, we are always happy to help you!


Mama je mislila na vaš komfor te na raspolaganju imate perionicu i mašinu za peglanje.